Wednesday, May 6, 2009



In this cage i place
pieces of broken heart i shed
repeat rewind repeat rewind
it doesnt seem to end

Thousands and thousands of pieces
fill this cage
a river deep of tears flowing
a river deep of tears flowing

Screaming in the silence
covering my mouth
i scream

Given up i leave
throw away this cage i leave
closing my eyes i dive

A river deep of tears flowing

yEs another (emo/sad) poem..
what will u do when u keep falling in life?..what will u do when u realise no matter what people wont give u the chance?..what will u do when ur being treating unfairly?..what u will u do when u realised too late in this pathetic life ur breathing no-one truly cares like from the bottom of their hearts?..

yes i've heard learn to get up from where u fall and all that shit..yes i've heard life wont be downwards spinning all the time..theres ups and downs..after all these failed r/s..i feel like the BIGGEST failure anyone ever known..i feel im the most stupid person anyone ever known..but who cares?..yeah who does?..nobody..

perphas im not suppose to be borned at all..perphas im not supposed to love anyone at all...

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Shadow said...

hey! you have a lovely blog here. the images attract me, your words ring beautifully...