Thursday, May 21, 2009


a cloudless night like this
can set the spirit soaring
do you see the full moon rising?
do u hear it calling?

come run with me
feel the wind whispering
come run with me
freedom of being wild

under this cloudless night
with the full moon shining bright
howling in the dark
screaming silently from the heart
theres a new site 'carry on tuesday' by keith..every week he'd come up with lines from a poem or song..and u can carry on from there..this week the opening line is from 'A walk after dark' by W.H. check out carry on tuesday..
*pic from tumblr


Anonymous said...

I love this the iea of running wild under a cloudless sky.

I'm so pleased you joined in, and I hope you'll return next week. The new prompt wil be up on Sunday.

Shadow said...

wow, this is great!

LarryG said...

calling calling
like the roar of the sea
it's calling lost souls
ahhh annabelle lee... :)

this is wonderfully imaginative

Missy said...

I love, love this piece. What a fetching blog this is!!!

Andy Sewina said...

Phew, I do like that line, 'screaming silently from the heart'.

gautami tripathy said...

Like the images as well as the emotional outbirsts..

changing orbits

Tobias said...

I love how intricate and in depth your writing is!