Wednesday, May 14, 2008

jZ my luck

mY all-time fav Sum41 album 'Chunk'..luv all the songs esp 'Im not the1'..its my fav from dis album..another is my all-time fav Madonna"s music video 'Frozen'..the whole video jz suits the song..

a senior is jz a title for my actual fact im more like a General im not complainin..if the manager isnt willin 2 teach/train me..i can teach/train myself..n i know i have been provin myself..i can somehow tell that dis manager is dat type whos scare of her staff bein better than her work-wise..2b honest i duno how she was promoted to a shes too selfish to teach/train her staff..besides bein selfish..shes not understandin as well...jz my luck to hav such a 'gd' manager..

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