Sunday, May 4, 2008

eAt Tiger Beer Any1?

mY friend brought me to dis dessert shop near adam food centre earlier..the ice-cream flavours there r WOW..the shop's name is Island Creamery frozen desserts..i tried 3 different flavours at 1 go n was amazed by it..1 taste like tiger beer..2nd taste like pear mix wif voka..the last taste like holick..besides ice-cream they hav mud pie/muffins/cakes/drinks as well..they hav another outlet at Great i can brin my frends there next time..=)..the ice-cream flavours cant be found anywhere..n the price is ok too..thank u stanley for bringin me to this nice ice-cream store!! i know tiger beer is for eatin..not drinkin..hahaha..

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papaler said...

u are stuff are meant to be shared