Sunday, May 11, 2008

tAke it or drop it..ur choice

dOne wif my 7 days OJT..luckily passed the small test my manager gav..haha..

does it mean u dun treasure some-one's friendship when u decided to throw away a friendship(so-called)?..of cz theres a reason y this happened..but im not goin to tell the talkin bout it makes my blood boils..haha..totally disagreed when i hear dis 'gd friends r hard 2 come treasure so-so friendship..dun be so stubborn..' stubborn n miscomms DO NOT have anything to do wif it..if it happens 1-2 time..ok ters a u seriously think there was a miscomms when it happened more than 3 times?!..i CANT alwaz be the one givin in when people simply refuses to change..n insists others r wrong..i mean how childish can one be?..consider she is actually older? i tel myself 'enough of her stupid childish bull-shittin..' n dropped her its not worth havin this type of people(friends) in ur life..ters no loss for me anyway..

my fav all-time Sum41 album 'Chuck'..yaya i know this is an old album of theirs..but i really luv it to bits!!!!..haha..heres the link to 1 of their coolest songs from the album--> couldnt find the mtv for dis ya..

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