Tuesday, March 25, 2008

wiSh i could dance like dat

wAs blown away when watchin the movie 'step up 2-the streets'..blown away by the dancers n their smooth cool omg moves!..its jz amazin they could dance like dat..it jz make u wish u were there seein it wif ur own eyes..i miz 'step-up 1'..luckily theres no link in the story..oh ya..i really luv the lead actress Braina husky voice..she reminds me of Lindsay Lohan somehow..wouldnt mind watchin it again..cz of the dances =>..the dance 2wards the end is the best..

am happy only when im out meetin clients..s im stil new in my job theres nothing much for me 2 do..n my senior is very busy wif her own work load..other than callin clients 2 make appointments wif them..i dun really hav much 2 do..n u know how human beings r..they like to complain/compare(esp s'poreans)..i wont be surprise there r people in dat smal company sayin im alwaz so fre while they r so bloodly busy..sometimes its not 2 say im sensitive..u jz know/can feel it some-how when something goes wrong..yeah yeah i know..jz heck care these people..jz go there do wha im suppose 2 do den go home..

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