Sunday, March 30, 2008


iS it possible 2 hide one's true feelings, 2 pretend when u luv some1?..hide one's feelings inside so no1 can see those heart-break those tears..pretend he means nothing when in fact hes so important 2 u..not every1 wanna listen..not every1 likes any1 when he/she plays the vicitm..every1 has his/her fair share of broken heart in luv..the difference is havin the courage 2 luv again..havin the courage 2 open your heart again 2 get hurt..havin the courage 2 learn 2 let go n move on..i read an article on how guys deal w heart-break..true they get drunk get wasted(who doesnt i wonder)..its either they 'get back 2 the game' or they bury themselves w huge another words guys tend 2 hide the hurt sadness they feel..its no wonder they need longer time 2 heal..or do they?..

mayb its gd 2 hide one's true feelings inside huh?..who knows?..

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