Sunday, March 23, 2008


watched 'The spiderwick chronicles' last night..quite worth watchin..though its unlike LOTR its stil rather waitin for the followin movies..'Becomin jane'..'Dark knight'..'Pride n glory'..'Definitely maybe'..'The happenin'..alot of gd movies are comin..but these r the few i'd wanna watch esp 'Dark knight' n 'Pride n glory' now jz wait..haha..

there was a survey in the newspaper last month i think..askin guys is looks the most important factor..the % is quite high(cant remember how high it is)..i think age is oso another factor to guys when they consider a potential gf..i hav heard guys sayin they prefer older women cz they r more independent..but truth is local guys stil prefer younger doesnt matter she dun look her age..local guys stil prefer younger(or same age) gals..i wont say its sad superficial dat guys go for'd be a lie if i say gals dun..but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..i may find a guy gd lookin..but it doesnt mean other people wil juz abit my age bothers them guys i dun blame kinda can understand doesnt matter i look younger than my age..whether i like it a not.. my age stil bother guys..

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