Saturday, March 15, 2008

iTs a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fOund this very interestin novel 'Undead n un wed' by Mary danice Davidson..its chick lit meets vampire action type of novel n comes in series..i didnt wanna stop readin once i started cz its really ahilarious entertaining fun read!..luv the way she writes..witty..very witty..wel at least its something different from what i alwaz read..i mean..ya its stil chick lit but it not only touches on romance/family values/ touches on vampires also..haha..and the plus point is..its not like those gross gross vampire lit..u know..lotsa killings/blood/rippin your neck type..ya..theres another author i'd likea intro s well..Colette Caddle..her novels touches more on family values/friendship n romance..chick lit yes..had read a few novels by her so far..jz borrowed 'The Betrayal of grace mulcahy' in the mist of readin 'Undead n unemployed' now..a follow-up to 'Undead n unwed'..

u'd be surprise there r actually gd-2-read novels in the library..its really a case of dun judge a book by its cover theory..of cz they dun have the latest novels but u'd stil find novels that have gd story-line n not some1 whos a fast borrowin from the library..actually 'teaches' me to read faster..n its a gd way to save up $ too..

hAve been watchin this cartoon series 'Family Guy'..its so damn funny mann!!!!! fav character in the show is Stewie of cz..hes the baby in the family but the most clever cunning baby ever!!..mann i really adore him..haha..i think not many locals know this cartoon..its by the same director from 'South Park' sure many knew/heard of it rite?..

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papaler said...

haha i know u started blogging liao...good keep it up..