Wednesday, March 19, 2008

dAmmit !!!!!!!!!!!...

yup dis is Nat Ho

'we become so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others,that at last we are disguised to ourselves'-Francois Duc la Rochefoucauld
'..the thing i am becomes something else..the shadow is cast'-Bauhaus "Mask"

wHat a day mann!!!!!..followed my senior 2 meet clients after lunch..n gues wha happen when we were bout 2 go in the cab?..i had a nasty fall due 2 the heavy down-pour..U__U; was so so damn embarrssing cz a group of students walked pass n they kept 1 side of my butt hurts alot..*sigh*..dammit dammit..

went 2 the library after work..hopin 2 find the followin series of 'Undead n unwed'..didnt find any..but instead found dis another vampire novel by Melissa De La Cruz titled 'Masquerade'..think the story-line is gd..i seem 2b readin more vampire lit now huh?..hmmm..

jz watched 'Enbloc'..its a local ch5 tv drama..the plot is gettin more n more interestin..2b honest i dun normally watch local it ch 5 or 8..its mostly cz dis actor Nat Ho dat i started watchin 'Enbloc'..haha..hes an up-n-comin actor..filmin in both ch5 n 8..lately he had done quite a few both mags n newspapers..ya i'd likea know him but i know 2 its not possible..even though we have a common friend..haz..oh well..

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