Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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watched ' Rachel getting married' and keep thinking about it..i must say Anne Hathaway's acting is good in this movie.. after seeing this movie i realise there's a Kym(played by Anne) in everyone of us..cuz we are all addicts..who is to say when we call a person an addict..he/she must be a drug addict or sex addict?..we can be addicts to almost anything and clothes love even..its so wide no?..but there's another reason why i say there's a Kym in every-one of us..and that is everyone of us long for the people closed to us, be it family or friends, to be understanding, to able to forgive, to be there when we are messed up,to support,to just be there..but usually the people closed to us are not..often they are the ones who disappoint..yes i can understand why Kym feels her problem is the biggest..yes i can understand too why she craves for attention the way a child craves for sweets..and yes i know why she found it very hard to forgive herself..she can't let go and there's no one she can really open herself this whole guilt thingy just pulls her down-wards deeper and deeper..

yes i do know it's exhausting to hear about the same old thing over and over..and many of us have this thought ' why should i help him/her when he/she don't wanna help him/herself?'..yes its true only we can help ourself..but have it occur to you that all of us just need a helping hand a listening ear?..isnt it thats why we are given two ears?..have you thought about that?..i guess not many have or bother to..cuz no-one wanna be around a sad/depressed/messed up person..

no im not saying people who are sad/depressed/messed up are right..what im trying to say is why is it many can't be more patient with them?..why is it they just want you to recover so-called in a blink of an eye?!..why is it they have to or must give you a time frame to recover to get back on your feet?!..why?..and when your time frame is up they just drop you just leave you just abandon you like you are some kind of garbage..

yes i know to get help the first thing you have to do is to open say what exactly it is that is bringing you down..but do you really know how one feels when after he/she opens up, he/she is being dropped being left being abandon?..

have you thought about that?...


Cursed♪♫ said...

Awesome piks !!
How have you been ?!

kiki said...

nice selection of images....and interesting commentry of the movie...might have to go see it now...