Tuesday, January 27, 2009


*images from tumblr
just few pics here..yeah i know i know..the pics i post are mostly about love love and more love lately..oh well..i will try to come up with a poem soon..but no promise ok?..
its lunar new year.. lots of food and snacks to eat..yours truly was down with flu 2 days before lunar new year..which wasnt any fun cuz i couldnt go out..had to rest at home and became a couch tomato U___U;..spent 3 days watching endless tv programmes or look at lovely pics from tumblr or lost myself in those amazing blogs..everytime i come across these blogs i wonder how do they do it?..their blogs are really cool and stuff..yeah i think my blog is boring(few call it emo)..it could put you to sleep..
speaking of sleep..i have been having problem sleeping lately..i don't know why or what cause this insomnia..am i thinking too much?..i seriously don't know..and im actually thinking of getting sleeping pills but i don't know is that a good idea..i really don't know..i have tried almost everything but none help..my mind just refuses to bring me to dream-land..tell me what you think ya..

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Cursed♪♫ said...

the 2nd picture is awesome !
It's the best.
i love it ! and it's so much about me !
How have you been ??