Friday, January 23, 2009


hAve you ever reach out for help or ask for help only to be ignored? have you ever just want some-one to listen really listen only to be ignored? have you ever want need support from your family or friends only to have them throw unkind hurtful words at you?..i have..
yes often i wonder why am i born to face all these..wonder often why am i being born at all..yes i do know what hurts you wont kill you it will only makes u a stronger person..all these i know..i just dont know how much i can take before i FINALLY break down..
honestly does any-one even care at all if im gone?..


Cursed♪♫ said...

omg !!
your post seems like you've read my heart's thoughts and written it down. i can totally get your feeling.
Don't worry...and i'm sure you'll be fine.
Take Care!
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Mila said...

YES, people care about you. When they don't always show, doesn't mean they don't! Please remember some people are just really bad at listening to others and showing them their love!
Talk to those people, they have the right to know how you feel, my dear!

Everything will be okay, when it's not okay, it's just not the end.

Life is beautiful girl.
It will be fine with such a talented girl like yourself!