Wednesday, June 18, 2008

tHank u

'need to talk anytime jz let me know,i'll arrange my time' a simple sentence s such can warm ur heart when ur feelin down n every1 cant be bother listenin/takin time out..finally talked to a friend 2day..though i have been down for a week now..was scared i'd break down cry if i were to talk bout it cz my heart is dead/numb?..i seriously duno..all these while thought i hav let him go..was jz kiddin myself..i stil luv him..bumpin into him like that jz blew me away..those painful/tearful feelings all came back..leavin me not knowin what to feel..

i duno for how long im gg to feel dis way..n Stanley..if ur readin dis..thank u for bein there.. appreciate it..u hav no idea ter r thousand n one NATOs..who r only gd at throwin words out..sayin 'we r friends..'..'i'll b ter 4 u'..n MIA when u need some1..
NATO-no action talk only
MIA-missing in action

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