Saturday, June 7, 2008


tHe cutest convers between a child n her mum in the ladies-

1)child laughin loud
mum:'y u laugh?..whats so funny?'
child:mummy ur panty got so many animals! cute!'(note-she said dis sentence rather loud)
mum(half laughin n bein fed up):'u say so loud?!'

2)child:mummy can u close the toliet door?..if not ppl can c
mum:its ok..dis is gal toliet..
child:mummy close the door plz..wha if got boys come inside?
mum:no boys wil come inside gal toliet baby
child(beggin her mum):mummy plz close the door..plz plz plz

fInally 2ml my day off..been workin at Taka since last ters a sale goin on..isnt a gd enviroment to work the office ppl comes down often to 'disturb' us..first of all the way the office ppl manage is wrong wrong wrong..told us not to fold the clothes..jz assist customers..obviously their brians r in their they expect the staf to help customers look for size..when everything is in a BIG BIG mess..n we cant tel customers ters no more X size left or/n we cant find the size they we r the1 who wil be complain..if customer manages to find n we didnt..n how do them 'clever' office ppl xpect sales to go up..when the whole plac is so messy? the end of the day..everythg is our fault..bloody shit those office ppl..i hav to endure til next wed..n everythg wil be over..thank gdness..

sometimes thgs happen..n ters no reason as to y it happens..i duno what im talkin bout here..havnt been on the right track of mind lately..

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