Monday, June 16, 2008

iNvisible gal i m

dUno what to feel/say..true its not the first time others push me away wif a string of excuses when i need a listenin ear..n yes i know y..simply cz im not his/her preferred friend..yes its naive/stupid of me for some1 my age thinkin others take me s a friend..when ppl u think r friends dun even care/bother whether u live or dead..when u try to keep the friendship so-called goin..not knowin its not there anymore..when every1 dun bother keepin in contact..n when u sms/msn..u dun get reply..jz cz ur not his/her preferred/fav person..yes i know im not some1 fun 2 talk/chat wif..den do me n urself a not add me in msn..jz for the sake of addin when ur not gg 2 bother talkin/chattin..or better yet..take me off ur fine wif i dun see the point addin me n not harsh?..i take thgs 2 seriously?..i think too much?..well say whaeva fuck u wana say/think bout im seriously tire..xtremely tire of bein misunderstood by others often..tire of havin others tellin others untrue thgs bout me..tire of bein ignored/push aside/4gotten..its disappointin/sad/pathetic when friends so-called u thought can count on 2b ter 4 u turn out provin u wrong..

all i need is talk to some1..for some1 2b ter..n.......

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