Sunday, June 1, 2008

Erase N rEwind

lUvin these 2 songs by The Cardigans..its from their old album 'Gran Turison'..luv the endin part of the song 'My Favourite Game' in the video..its rather funny..i seem 2b listenin to old songs nowadays..duno y..wil look for albums i havent listen to for ages..n jz put it on..n dance/chill durin my day off..

some1 used 2 tel me 'as u grow older the friends u hav bcome lesser'..i didnt agreed at first but now i changed my mind..perphas its true wha dat some1 said..every1 has his/her preferred friends or rather spend time w more important ppl in their lifes..wha saddens me is doesnt mean others treasure friendship the way i do..any1 can say 'mz keep in touch'/'lets meet up soon' etc etc..but seriously how many meant wha they say?..none im afriad..many r jz bein poliet or bein NATO(no action talk only) cz talk is cheap..n in dis era..bein ps(abandon) is oh-so common..every1 chooses every1..ur bein ps if ur not cool/pretty/young enough..its the fact..take it or leave it..ters no such thing as forever in dis era anymore..anythg n everythg..any1 n every1 changes wif a blink of an eye..

hav u ever work for a company dat half of the staff r MIM(made in malaysia)?..i used 2 think mim r helpful/friendly ppl..its only now den i realise how much mim njoys bullyin ppl..esp when they r higher post than u..its liked they take pride in shiftin the blame 2 u..makin u look bad..wha do they gain by doin so anyw? they get more $ each time they shift the blame to staff?..n they r super gd in carryin balls..WTF rite?..exactly...

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