Thursday, October 29, 2009


-Little broken butterflies
flying out from within of me
wanting wishing to be there with you

I'm calling out to you
can you hear me?

-these two words i've said to you..what i wana tell you is more than just words..words alone cant express what my heart wanna tell you..stay..plz dont go..stay..

-often i ask myself why i started this blog..true it serves as an outlet for pen down when im serves as an outlet for me to write my poems..but..really..why i started this blog?..

words alone cant truly express my feelings..nowadays i dun really wana talk much too..cuz it seems every-one around me is time for me..i suppose its mostly cuz they are sick and tire of hearin my constant constant complaining..

forgotten where i got 2nd and 3rd pics..sorry..

1 comment:

Shadow said...

you may not want to speak, but even so... it's healthy to get it out, writing it here or anywhere else...