Friday, October 23, 2009


-love this pic..alwaz make me smile a little..

-does any-one knows where i can get black roses?..

-when you think too'd feel as if you've been walkin round and round in foggy weather..with an umbrella..sometimes(or shall i say..most of the times?) its not cuz you wanna think..your mind just start to generate these thoughts..sometimes something happen..and you start to think..i admit..i think alot..alot of nonsense..few had told me ' dun think too much..' i know and understand..sometimes when others seem to be hiding something from you..they may mean well..cuz they dun wana hurt you..or they duno how to break the news out to they chose to hide it..or/and..they tell you ' dun think too much..' to be honest..i'd rather have the truth told to me..than havin it hide from me..i really dun like the feeling..knowin others are hiding something from i deal with whatever is being my business..not theirs..
so..just shoot me with the truth..cuz im not born yesterday..and in-case you dun are already hurting me..when you chose not to tell me...
*1st pic-4gotten where i got it bad..
*2nd pic-deviant ART
*3rd pic-black and white's tumblelog

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Shadow said...

oh yes, the truth above hiding it any day!

black rose? my guess would be to buy a white rose and put it in water mixed with black ink?