Tuesday, October 6, 2009


-I dream of mermaids in the night
calling whispering
in the stillness of the night
' come to us..tell us your secret..come..'
they whisper
' we will help you my love..'
' we will help you find the words..'
'come..join us my love..come'
'take our hands..come..'

Whispering words sounds like
a haunting song
in the stillness of the night

I find myself
walking slowly slowly
towards the open sea
'come..take our hands my love..'
'we will take you to him..to the one you love..come..'

*1st and 3rd pics from loveology
2nd pic from deviantART


Earth-ling said...

Lovely =]

mariposa said...

That's so beautiful - the pictures & the poem remind me of flowing water in a way.

Btw, I'm back from my blog break :) Can't wait to hear from you again!

Shadow said...

very compelling!

Okie said...

nice imagery. the language flows dreamily to the open ended conclusion. Cool poem.