Sunday, February 15, 2009


am loving these music videos by Bat For Lashes..dark haunting creepy mood set in these songs but in a beautiful enchanting way..sure hope the next album will be releasing soon cuz i cant get enough of the songs!..


This is me
are my words entertaining nonsenses
have they hold no effect on you?

Here i am
uttering those words to you again
im talking too much yet again
havent i?

This is me
have me lock inside with these walls
lock me up so you wont hear me speak
entertaining nonsenses to you
over and over

lock me up
lock me up and throw away
the key

wrote this poem awhile ago..its 1:22am here and i cant sleep..having an unrest mind lately but who cares really? its not work im stress of..i dont care so much about work would be so much easier if im physically tire cuz i would be a'rite after having enough sleep/rest..but im not tire i cant reveal why here..fuck i cant and dont reveal to anyone now..cuz i know well what will they say..same old words they will throw at me..

i dunno what else is there to do or say anymore..cuz i have gone and said too much..and i cant help but ask myself 'did i really try?..did i really fight for it?..or ALL i ever did is whine and think of myself?..' yes i know its worth it despite many told me its not and im stupid thinking other-wise..yes i admit i am the most stupid person you would ever come im not joking..i dont have a stable mind at all..

im not this sweet quiet emo(what-ever fuck that means) gal..i dont even have any idea who i am..


•waLkiиg disasteя• said...

thnx 4 following m new blog!!nice vdeos!!

Cursed♪♫ said...

lovely poem! :)
nice video ! :D whats your age??
Take Care!

ashley said...

hi jeero,
i feel really sad after reading this~ happy that you post and have some form of outlet, sad that you feel so lost~ you will learn yourself with time~ until then bat for lashes are a good drug:)
thanks for the book recommendations~ i will add them to the 'must read list'.
happy thursday:)
x ashley