Tuesday, February 24, 2009



A crippled doll
no-one notices no-one sees
her heart keeps tearing
as thousands feet step on it
not seeing not noticing

A crippled doll lying
motionlessly lying here
she is crying
her heart breaking
can you see her?
can you hear her?
do you even notice her at all?

Silent tears crying
giving him all the love she has
with nothing but a broken heart left
she fell lying here
her heart still calling out to him
from the thousand pieces shes calling

cant wait for Bat For Lashes's new album 'Two Suns'..listened to three songs from it moment ago..love 'Glass' and 'Sleep Alone'..am sure the new album will be awesome..heres two Bat For Lashes music videos..'Daniel' is the single from 'Two Suns'..

i know my posts lately been sad and all..honestly i duno when i will be ok or the fact will i be ok..i duno will it be ok..i would like to believe things will resolve on its own..but i really duno what to believe anymore...or ever...


•bLue-eyed sOuL• said...

nice one.....!!

ashley said...

beautiful poem!
i finished reading water for elephants by sara gruen recently and adored it. am now reading a sweet novel called 'the guersney literary and potato pie society'. thanks for all the reading recommendations and chin up darlin...
x ashley

ashley said...

have a lovely week-end honey...ashley