Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I walk this line of scattering sound alone
hundreds and hundreds of egg-shells i walk
drowning myself deep in this breaking sound
echoing in the dark my breaking heart

-please stop tellin me to stop loving him just like that...please stop expecting me to stop thinking about it just like only human..i have feelings you forget...我也是人....

no longer know the definition of the word 'friend' friend(s) turn their back on you when ALL you need is a listenin ear? friend(s) mia like bubbles when ALL you need is some1 2b there?..some1 said 'i duno how 2 approach i just ignore her..'..what a gd way 2 just avoid and ignore..yes im an emo freak..yes i ONLY talk/ask bout the same old thing..ONLY talk/ask bout the same that y im a major turn-off? facin stress/pressure at work too..and yet others treat me as if i dun have feelings..when i cry..does any1 see?..does any1 know? them..i wont strong etc etc..none sees me at all..

its best to just shut my mouth..just stop talkin so freakin i feel isnt important anymore...cuz the thing now is..no1 cares..no1 bothers anymore....


-im standing here im always here
im not going anywhere
do you see me at all?
can you see me at all?

do you wana see me at all?

*all pics from Black and white's tumblelog

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Shadow said...

give yourself some time, hunny...