Sunday, July 26, 2009


finally the movie 'Public Enemies' is showin havent watch it yet..but will do so soon..have always like Johnny Depp's movies..i really admire him cuz despite the fact..hes one dashing man..hes not one who uses his good looks to get 2b where he is now..most of the times the characters he portrays..we dont getta see his face..and at times we dont even know its him at all..if not for the waiting for another of his movie 'Alice in wonderland'..hope it will be release here soon..
do u have those moments when u have so much 2 say 2 some1..but when u getta see him/her..those words just refuse 2 come out..and make fun of u?..people say 'somethings are better left unsaid'..i dont really agreed..esp when comes to matters of the heart..what im tryin 2 say here is..if u dont will that person knows? dont mean just blurt out without thinking..u do have 2 think carefully.. of cuz u have 2 take responsibility and the consequences urself..after u say those words..cuz not many people are prepared 2 hear what u may say..even though u mean well..thats human beings..there are bound 2b misunderstandings between people..which is why i dont really agreed with the saying above..
what do u think?..
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Shadow said...

gotta love me johnny depp too. absolutely! will keep an eye out for that movie.

ha, that happens all the time. i have loooong conversations with people in my head, yet they are completely oblivious to it, since i cannot utter a single word. but sometimes? sometimes one has to. for one's own sanity. and hard as it may be, it's better in the long run. mind you, it does get easier to do, the more one practises it...

as for the unsaid things? i believe the burden of total honesty IS sometimes too much for the other to handle. so discretion is definately required.

ashley said...

oh johnny is so dashing indeed! hope you have a lovely week-end,
x ashley