Monday, July 20, 2009


yes i've been abandoned..been 'kicked out'..and i've no idea why..or what i done/ be treated this way..i just know some-thing is off..i just know they are hiding some-thing from me..and i will never thinking too much? being too sensitive too emo? dun think so..when people start to treat u totally different..when people start to stop talking much to u..u just know something isnt right..u just know they are hiding something from u..
aint friends suppose to look-out for one another?..i guess i've been so naive..thinking they are my friends..and i could turn to them..when i needed a listening ear..i guess they are sick and tire of hearing me talking about a certain some1..and thus..start to avoid me..start to avoid talking to me..and slowly abandoned me..'kicked me out' of the loop..
no..i dun blame any1..just blame myself..they are not the problem..i am..always have been..i really dun know what i've done/ be treated this cold way..and if its really my sorry..
will any1 knows..or even cares i've been crying almost every night?..will any1 knows or cares..i've been missing him so much?..
no..no1 knows..no1 give a damn........
its my 100th post..and yet..its not a happy topic.......
*all pics from black and white's tumblelog

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•bLue-eyed sOuL• said...

don't worry hey...!!
n u can make d 101th post happier!!