Friday, May 7, 2010


its true isnt it?..theres no1 u can really open up to when u need some1 to just listen..and not give advise..many people just love to mind other people business..and help spread it around the world..and often what they spread isnt true at all..i always believe a story has two sides..but not every1 thinks/feels that way..
i dun wana listen to anymore useless gossipings..chatterings about others..its too not interested too..i dun like workin with big mouths..rotten tongues..sadly anywhere u work is the same..more or less..what people say kill another faster than a bullet shot straight to your heart or head..
im lookin for a way out..i want a way out..i need a way just me..what is happening to this human race?..

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sakhii•• said...

honest post...!!
and its there z something u can't even tell 2 ur bestfrnd sometimes...its like they can advice u but not get into ur body n understand happens...wid everyone it does happen...its painful...