Friday, March 5, 2010

im not ok.. cant let go..but i have to..have to let u go back..go home..ur home-sick they told me..u miz home..miz the life back home..even though u kept tellin me..u more or less made up ur stay or not..its not confirm..but the feeling u gave is 99.99% u wont stay..

i suppose u wont know im feeling im losing something very important with u leaving..'u have to fight for it'..some1 said..have i been fighting for u or i've been fighting way too hard?..i really do not know..

im sorry if i had cause u unhappiness all these sorry u havent been happy..ur very important to me..i know im not to i juz a passer-by?..have i been tryin hard enough?..

so much to say to u..not enough courage to utter them words u..i duno r u still willing to see me again b4 u leave..i duno once u go back..will i ever see u again?..

i do love u..and not once i regret it..
plz stay..dont go....

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