Wednesday, December 2, 2009


-dont go..dont go..
-come with me and listen to what the stars are saying?..

-a glittering black rose just for u..

There's a musical box
playing softly in here
can u hear it?
are u able to?
do u want to?
It's always in here
waiting wishing
some-one to notice it to treasure it
waiting wishing
u would
It remains inside here
every-one forgets about it
it remains inside here
no-one willing to open it
My musical box is playing
can u hear me?
*all pics from kari-shma tumblelog


Kileigh said...

That was really deep & meaningful.
I really liked it.

Shadow said...

wow, what a gift you are offering...

Kendrabelle Logan said...

I love that.